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Book review: Carrigan, M., & Porpora, D. (Eds.). (2021). Post-human futures: Human enhancement, artifical intelligence and social theory. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Dr. Birgül Ulutaş (Eregli Faculty of Education, Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University, Zonguldak, Turkey) has just written a book review for Post‑Human Futures: Human Enhancement, Artificial
Intelligence and Social Theory
. This third volume of the CSO’s latest book series on ‘Post-human society and the future of humanity’ was edited by Dr. Mark Carrigan and Prof. Douglas Porpora.

The review appears in the journal Postdigital Science and Education and can be accessed here.

“Post-Human Futures: Human Enhancement, Artificial Intelligence and Social Theory (Carrigan and Porpora 2021) distinguishes between the epistemological and the ontological realms and establishes a new humanism that will be meaningful to praxis.” (Ulutaş, 2022).

Image: ‘Humani Victus Instrumenta: Ars Coquinaria’ (Unknown Italian master, 1569), Public Domain.

The Public and Their Platforms: Public Sociology in an Era of Social Media

Mark Carrigan, together with coauthor Lambros Fatsis, has recently published this volume on public sociology in the context of social media.

As social media is increasingly becoming a standard feature of sociological practice, this timely book rethinks the role of these mediums in public sociology and what they can contribute to the discipline in the post-COVID world. It reconsiders the history and current conceptualizations of what sociology is, and analyzes what kinds of social life emerge in and through the interactions between ‘intellectuals’, ‘publics’ and ‘platforms’ of communication. Cutting across multiple disciplines, this pioneering work envisions a new kind of public sociology that brings together the digital and the physical to create public spaces where critical scholarship and active civic engagement can meet in a mutually reinforcing way.

Find out more on the publisher’s website: https://bristoluniversitypress.co.uk/the-public-and-their-platforms