Tom Brock
Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Tom Brock is a lecturer in the department of Sociology at Manchester Metropolitan University. He holds a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Durham and his research interests include social theory, political protest and digital culture. He has authored publications on critical pedagogy, student movements, and populism and is the co-author of the forthcoming book Structure, Culture and Agency: Selected Papers of Margaret Archer (Routledge). Tom currently co-convenes the BSA Realism and Social Research Group and is on the steering committee for the BSA Theory Study Group.

Christine A. Hemingway
Research Fellow, Imperial College Business School

I am keenly interested in understanding the morality of employees, both as individual agents and as social actors and in the subsequent development of responsible leadership in organisations. This work encompasses organisational behaviour, moral psychology, behavioural ethics and sociology. As a result of being the department’s first visiting scholar (EPFL) in 2011, funded by the Aston Business School, Aston University (UK), I published in the Encyclopedia for Corporate Social Responsibility (Springer, 2013) and a research monograph called Corporate Social Entrepreneurship: Integrity Within (Cambridge University Press, 2013). This monograph includes details of an ethnography that I conducted within a UK-based multi-national corporation. It was an exploratory investigation that took place in the three years leading up to the financial implosion that precipitated the current economic crisis and its social consequences.