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Are post-human technologies dehumanizing? Human enhancement and artificial intelligence in contemporary societies – Ismael Al-Amoudi.

Ismael Al-Amoudi, Director of the CSO, Professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management, has recently published an article in the Journal of Critical Realism, entitled Are post-human technologies dehumanizing? Human enhancement and artificial intelligence in contemporary societies.

We are happy to highlight this article, in which Ismael Al-Amoudi mobilises a number of chapters published by CSO members within the latest book series ‘Post-human society and the future of humanity’, so to explore dehumanizing potentials of post-human technologies.

“I cannot state how much my thinking has benefitted from discussing and reading the works of other CSO writers while I was treading my own little path through the wonders of post-human society. This intellectual journey has allowed me to investigate the following question: post-human technologies offer great hopes and great perils to human beings, but in what sense are post-human technologies dehumanizing?” (Al-Amoudi, 2022, p. 521).

On that note, the CSO wishes all a fully human Christmastime!

Image from David S. Soriano, Wikipedia Commons under CC BY-SA 4.0

Book review: Al-Amoudi, I., & Morgan, J. (Eds.). (2019). Realist responses to post-human society: Ex machina. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Prof. Andrew Sayer (Lancaster University, Sociology department) has just written a book review for Realist Responses to Post-Human Society: Ex Machina. This first volume of the CSO’s latest book series on ‘Post-human society and the future of humanity’ was edited by Profs. Ismael Al-Amoudi and Jamie Morgan.

The review appears in the journal Organization and can be accessed here.

“What comes across most clearly is that we cannot avoid issues of how we characterise the human, the nature of personhood, intelligence and the components of flourishing, and how we should value them vis-a-vis other species or intelligent machines” (Sayer, 2022).

Image from Geralt, CC0 1.0

Artificial intelligence and algorithmic irresponsibility – Ismael Al-Amoudi

In an article for The Conversation France, professor Ismael Al-Amoudi, director of the Centre for Social Ontology, and John Latsis, chairman of the Independent Social Research Foundation, investigate AI’s deresponsibilizing tendencies: ‘Artificial intelligence and algorithmic irresponsibility: the devil in the machine?

Image via www.vpnsrus.com, CC BY 2.0