Mark Carrigan

Screen shot 2012-04-16 at 21.01.52Mark Carrigan is a sociologist in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. His research explores how the proliferation of digital platforms is reshaping education systems, with a particular focus on knowledge production within universities. He is internationally recognised as a leading expert on the role of social media within higher education, giving over 100 invited talks internationally and consulting for universities, research centres and publishers. He is associate editor of Civic Sociology, social media editor of International Journal of Social Research Methodology and a member of the editorial boards of Applied Social Theory, Digital Culture & Education, Discover Society, Journal of Digital Social Research and Social Research Practice. He is a Fellow of the RSA, a trustee of the Social Research Association, co-convenor of the SRHE’s Digital University Network, co-convenor of the BSA’s Digital Sociology group, co-convenor of the Accelerated Academy, a member of the Centre for Social Ontology, an associate member of CHERE at Lancaster University and a research associate in the Public Policy Group at LSE.

Recent publications

Carrigan, M. & Fatsis, L. (In Press) The Public and their Platforms: Public Sociology in an Age of Social Media. Bristol: University of Bristol Press.

Carrigan, M., Porpora, D. & Wight, C. (Eds.) (Under contract) Post-Human Futures and Artificial Intelligence. London: Routledge.

Johnson, M., Carrigan, M. & Brock, T. (2019) The Imperative to be Seen: The Moral Economy of Celebrity Video Game Streaming. First Monday.

Carrigan, M. (2019) Social Media for Academics. London: Sage. 2nd Ed.

Carrigan, M. (2018) The evisceration of the human under digital capitalism. In Realist Responses to Post-Human Society: Ex Machina (pp. 175-191). Routledge.

Carrigan, M. (2018) An Agenda for Digital Sociology in Nascimento, L. F. (Ed) (2018) Novas fronteiras metodológicas nas ciências sociais. Editora da Universidade Federal da Bahia. Salvador, Brazil.

Carrigan, M. & Brock, T. (2017) ‘Subjects or Subjected: The Puzzle of Identity in Neoliberal Times’. In Louth, J. (ed.) Edges of Identity. University of Chester Press.