The Social Morphogenesis Book Launch

Postmodernity. Second modernity. Network Society. Late modernity. Liquid modernity. Such concepts have dominated social thought in recent decades, with a bewildering array of claims about social change and its implications. But what do we mean by ‘social change’? How do we establish that such change is taking place? What does it mean to say that it is intensifying? These are some of the questions which the Social Morphogenesis project has sought to answer in the last five years, through an inquiry orientated around the speculative notion of ‘morphogenic society’.

In our book launch on May 30th 2017 at the British Library, contributors to the project gathered in order to reflect on their contributions and the project as a whole. Here are podcasts from the talks on the day:

You can see live tweets from the event here.

Find out more about the book series:

One thought on “The Social Morphogenesis Book Launch”

  1. Dear Mark and Friends,
    Thanks for the event itself, this site, the audio-clips above, and the opportunity to talk to like-minded folk.

    An Unconditional Pass PhD, the Routledge publication of ‘The Critical Global Educator: Global Citizenship Education as Sustainable Development, and a busy schedule of presentations including recently to the Association for Moral Education Conference at Harvard, then talks at Tufts, MIT, and Boston University, develop a gap identified years ago by Margaret Archer in Critical Realism: Essential Readings.

    I am Senior Research Associate at UCL-IoE and an Associate Lecturer at the Open University. I now require a transdisciplinary team, perhaps half a dozen academics and practitioners, to take my research forward.

    Since this has so far been self-funded, it would be a blessing to find colleagues with some interest in both a Critical Realist /Discourse Approach, as well as experience of drawing down funding.

    I would be very happy to hear from anyone looking for a practical transformational project arising out of a strong philosophical and theoretical foundation.



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