Colin Wight

Professor Colin Wight’s research interests originate in the desire to explore and understand the fragmented nature of International Relations Theory and to embed this understanding in wider intellectual and public debates. Although primarily interested in theory all his work is constructed around the desire to understand, and show, how theoretical work impacts on empirical research; the Political Studies piece on ‘The Agent-Structure Problem and Institutional Racism’ being a good example of this. His Cambridge University Press book, Agents Structures and International Relations, examines the manner in which differing theories conceptualise the key units of analysis that are claimed to contribute to the processes of International Relations, and attempts to show how these understandings play a role in substantive empirical research and the practice of international politics. He is also interested in all aspects of political violence and is currently completeing a book on Terrorism, Violence and the State. He moved to Sydney in January 2001, having previously worked at Exter, Sheffield and Aberystwyth. He is currently the Editor in Chief of the European Journal of International Relations. He is keen to supervise PhD students on any aspect of International Relations.

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