The Fourth CSO Workshop: Morphogenesis and Normativity

The fourth annual CSO workshop was held from January 6th to January 9th in 2015 at Cardiff Business School. The papers from the workshop will be published in 2015 as the fourth volume of the Social Morphogenesis series.

Tuesday 6th

Doug Porpora – The Great Normative Changes of the Twentieth Century

Wolfgang Hofkirchner – Ethics from Systems: the emergence of normativity with and in social systems

Phil Gorski – Reflexive Secularity

Pierpaolo Donati – The relational understanding of the origin and morphogenetic change of social morality

Wednesday 7th

Margaret Archer –  Morphogenesis and the interpretation of codified social rules

Ismael Al-Amoudi – In letter and in spirit: Social Morphogenesis and the interpretation of codified social rules

Emmanuel Lazega – Polynormativity and Status Inconsistency: a neo-structural approach to regulation

Colin Wight –  Emergence, Development and Death: Norms in International Relations.

Tony Lawson – Collective practices, norms and modern Economics

Thursday 8th

Andrea Maccarini – A Tale of Two Wars: Ontology, Universality and the Normative Tensions of Morphogenic Society

Mark Carrigan – Fragile Movements Emerging out of Digitalization

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