Roy Bhaskar, 1944-2014


Roy Bhaskar died at his home in Leeds at about 6 pm GMT on Wednesday 19 November 2014.

‘It is not that there are the starry heavens above and the moral law within, as Kant would have it; rather, the true basis of your virtuous existence is the fact that the starry heavens are within you, and you are within them.’  (Roy Bhaskar, The Philosophy of MetaReality, p. 351)

The International Association for Critical Realism has established an online condolence book here:

6 thoughts on “Roy Bhaskar, 1944-2014”

  1. Roy had genius but also grace, a rare combination. I know I’ll never meet anyone quite like him again, and I’m so sad he’s gone.


  2. Truly sorry to learn of Roy’s death. He was someone from whom I learnt; and he was always generous with his time and support. If there is to be a funeral in Leeds, which is where I am mostly located, I would like to attend and pay my respects. Do you have any inforamtion about this?
    David Halpin


  3. I read some of his books
    I loved from east to west and the possibilities of naturalism. He seemed to have walked the whole nine yards before this change and im glad he did.


  4. This really is sad news. Our social ontology meeting in January will be poignant, but hopefully celebratory, in the shadow of Roy’s passing. We owe it to him to ensure that the work he started continues. Although never given the credit he deserved, Roy staked out a genuine alternative to positivism and the hermeneutic (postmodern) contrasts to it. This was no mean feat and his contribution to this needs to be acknowledged.


  5. I knew Roy Bhaskar as a student in Oxford. I am greatly saddened to hear of his death. I have vivid memories of Roy as a masterful exponent of his political positions.


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