Acknowledgment to the Independent Social Research Foundation

With the grateful thanks from all contributors to our Book Series on  ‘Social Morphogenesis’ for the funding and support that we have received from the ISRF over six years.

Without this help we could not have met in different European cities for the first week in January every year, enjoyed our exchanges immensely and managed to produce a book a year:-

  • Archer, Margaret S. (Ed.), 2013, Vol 1, Social Morphogenesis, Dordrecht, Springer.
  • Archer, Margaret S. (Ed.), 2014, Vol 2, Late Modernity: Trajectories towards Morphogenic Society, Dordrecht, Springer.
  • Archer, Margaret S., (Ed), 2015, Vol 3, Generative Mechanisms Transforming the Social Order, Dordrecht, Springer.
  • Archer, Margaret S., (Ed.), 2016, Vol. 4, Morphogenesis and the Crisis of Normativity, Dordrecht, Springer.
  • Archer, Margaret S., (Ed.), 2017, Vol. 5, Morphogenesis and the Good Society, Dordrecht, Springer.

Thank you from us all for supporting our independent research and the foundation of the Centre for Social Ontology.

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